Brand New OEM PUMP ASY – OIL JR3Z-6600-A |6600|

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Brand New OEM  Engine Oil Pump 

The parts and components for this engine may vary according to the vehicle and production date, with the vin number of your car we will be able to see the manual and determine the correct parts.

Applications are provided through literature and research and are correct to the best of our knowledge. Listed applications should be used as a guide and may fit additional vehicles. Please note the part number and verify it in your application before purchasing. Please, contact us if you have any questions before purchasing.

NOTE: for this kit we recommend that you buy original parts, it is the life of your engine, if you assemble Generic parts you run the risk of the following:
1- The quality of the pieces is not of the best quality.
2- That you have to lower the engine again.
3- That if this happens you lose money and time.
4 – You lose a friend and a mechanic because he will want to charge you again for labor.
5- You will have to buy a new Kit.
6- Better not to risk and we recommend that you purchase Original.



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Weight 3 lbs

(JR3Z6600A) (JR3Z-6600-A)

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