Brand New OEM Timing Chain Guides 5.4L V8, 5 Pieces, Engine Repair Kit (OG-60-5.4L-5-2)

All vehicles with 5.4L Only
2000-2010|Ford|Lincoln Navigator
2000-2010|Ford|Explorer Sport::2 Door
2000-2010|Ford|F-150 |Mark LT


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SKU OG-60-5.4L-5-2
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1 × Brand New OEM SEAL ASY - CRANKSHAFT OIL F4AZ-6701-A |6701|
1 × Brand New OEM  Front Crankshaft Seal 3.5L DOHC TURBO EXPLORER|EXPEDITION|F-150 RAPTOR  2017-2020  XW4Z-6700-AA |6700|
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1 × Brand New OEM GASKET 3L3Z-6020-EA |6020|
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1 × Brand New OEM GASKET 3L3Z-6020-FA |6020|
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1 × Brand New OEM GASKET 3L3Z-6020-DA |6020|
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Applications are provided through literature and research and are correct to the best of our knowledge. Listed applications should be used as a guide and may fit additional vehicles. Please note the part number and verify it in your application before purchase. Please contact us if you have any questions before purchasing.

NOTE: for this kit we recommend that you buy original parts, it is the life of your engine, if you assemble Generic parts you run the risk of the following:
1- That the quality of the pieces is not of the best quality.
2- That you have to lower the engine again.
3- That if this happens you lose money and time.
4 – You lose a friend and a mechanic because he will want to charge you again for labor.
5- You will have to buy a new Kit.
6- Better not to risk and we recommend that you buy Original.

Part Number:
3L3Z-6020-DA X 1 Gasket Front Cover
3L3Z-6020-EA X 1 Gasket Front Cover
3L3Z-6020-FA X 1 Gasket Front Cover
F4AZ-6701-A X 1 Rear Seal
XW4Z-6700-AA X 1 Front Seal

Engineering Number: 




Weight 0.875 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 2 in


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